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Taher Group Law Firm (TAG) was set up in 1969 on Fahad Al Salim Street, Al Sharq Al Awsat Building, Kuwait. Upon establishment, the Group was headed by Dr. Jamal Eddin Ateyyah, attorney at law, holder of a PhD in the International Law from the French Sorbonne University, and one of the founders of the first Islamic bank worldwide in Luxembourg County.

Mr. Abdul Aziz Taher Al-Khateeb is one of the Kuwaiti lawyer forerunners as he was enrolled in the Kuwaiti bar for practicing the legal profession in 1969. Afterwards, the Group was joined by Mr. Khaled Al-Khateeb, Mr. Taher Al-Khateeb and Mr. Fawaz Al-Khateeb along with other expert lawyers.

Throughout its forty-year existence in the field, the Group took up ten thousands of lawsuits and consultancies in all legal aspects, which confers upon it proven track record.

Images of our old premises

(The first premises of the Group on Fahad Al Salim Street 1969)


To be a servant of Justice by means of communicating to the community the understanding, appreciation of and compliance with law, which constitutes the corner stone and backbone of a stable, safe and prosperous society.


Rendering the Group as the leading Local, Regional and International law firm with a global standard of service provision in terms of high quality and advanced legal services.


The Group exercises annual activities aiming at upgrading the level of the community legal culture, including issuing various legal publications and research papers, which contributes in dispersing the legal awareness, paramount among which are the following.

  1. Criminalization and Penalty in non-penal codes by Mr. Abdul Aziz Taher Al Khateeb, "the Group founder".
  2. The encyclopedia of Terms and Deadlines in Kuwaiti Laws by Mr. Abdul Aziz Taher Al Khateeb.

This in addition to more than twenty legal research paper made in depth by the collaboration of the Group lawyers, where these papers handle various legal perspective areas. Such papers are published in various places, e.g. the Lawyer Magazine, Kuwait University, daily and weekly newspapers and websites.